Tuesday, 31 January 2012

The Creative Checklist

'Creativity is a universal talent. Everyone is creative to a degree' (Howkins, 2007 pp.11)

Agree/disagree? Are you, or do you have, all or some of the following:

  1. Open minded '...allowing your mind to wander in an almost dream like way.'
  2. Independent '...creative people are rule breakers, not rule-makers.'
  3. Unafraid of change.
  4. '...challenged by a space and want to put something in it.'
  5. Sense of humour. (I've been told mine is rather dry!)
  6. Competitive or ambitious.
(Bazalgette, P. cited in Howkins, 2007 pp.11)

SO, how many did you check? More than one? Surprised? I'm not, I'd like to place a bet on you been able to check some of those off! 

I am in agreement with Howkins (2007) and I believe that everyone is creative to some degree. As children we are all creative aren't we?

'Children are instinctively and openly creative. All children draw. It is only when people grow older that some say they cannot draw. All children dream, and talk about their dreams. Adults are more likely to say they cannot remember their dreams.' (Howkins, 2007 pp.11)

What happens? Is it that some of us are stifled by accepted conventions? Is it the way we in which we educate children? Sir Ken Robinson thinks so and thinks its time for a bit of a shake up! Take a look at his brilliant talk about creativity and education; 'Changing Paradigms' illustrated in a fantastic doodle it really is something to get the cogs whirring!

http://sirkenrobinson.com/skr/watch (scroll through to find 'Changing Paradigms', on the last page)

Monday, 30 January 2012


'Creativity is fun. It is 'Play'...Play is light-hearted and enjoyable; when it stops being fun people stop playing.' (Howkins, 2007 pp.12)

I love this definition! Howkins sums up my perception of my own creativity as a designer. I like to have FUN! It is very important that i enjoy my work, if i get bored, if I'm stressed or under a lot of pressure my creativity is restricted, this is one of the drawbacks of designing to someone else's brief. I like to explore my passion for making and creating; drawing, cutting, sticking, designing by doing what i want to do, my creativity is empowered by having the freedom to play!

'The Creative Economy, How People Make Money From Ideas' Howkin's (2007) is a really good book to get your teeth into, not exactly bedtime reading but has been the best book on my reading list so far. Expect to see a few more posts on here - i'm collecting quite a few shiny gems already!