Tuesday, 7 February 2012

'Hire Character.Train Skill' Peter Schutz

Why should businesses have a strong creative aspect? Why, as the former President and CEO of Porsche, Peter Schutz believes do they need to 'Hire Character.Train Skill'?

'Individual creativity needs to be integrated with organisation resources, capacities and systems if new ideas are ever to bear fruit' (Bilton, C. 2007, pp.xv)

Thus surely an existing organisation encouraging creativity and hiring for creativity has an advantage?

Creativity is the key to success, it offers the potential for an organisation to quash it's competitors and gain advantage in the market. It is a valuable resource/potential, not only for individual organisations but for the economy as a whole stimulating growth and prosperity. Creativity within the workplace allows for openness, freedom to express opinion and share ideas, It enables a 'healthy' working environment, relaxed and sociable. Creativity is valued, diversity is encouraged and change embraced.

According to Bilton (2007) the best recipe for creativity is:

'a combination of innovation and value that in the end is both surprising and satisfying, achieved through a combination of spontaneous inventiveness and laborious preparation' (pp.3)

However in order to stimulate the 'ingrediants' for this recipe it is necessary to 'overcome' stereotypes that are associated with both 'creativity' and 'management' (Bilton, 2007). Tension exists between 'creativity and 'management' and therefore the challenge organisations will face in embracing creativity is how to 'manage' this tension and find ways of 'stitching' the too together (Howkins, 2007, Bilton, 2007) and in doing so they create balance.

A successful balance will achieve freedom of employees within the organisation, no regimented structure or control systems. It will allow for trust across all levels of the organisation, effective communication, respect and recognition. Creative individuals will be stimulated, challenged, rewarded and valued. An organisation of creative workers has the ability to be entrepreneurial and these enterprising individuals will all share: vision, focus, financial acumen, pride and urgency.

In order to hire for creativity and to ensure an organisation creates balance Shutz's 'Hire for character. Train skill' may just hit the nail on the head.

  • Personality
  • Demeanour
  • Experience
  • Drive
  • Adaptability
  • Fast learning
  • Problem solving - creative thinking
Train (and develop)
  • Specific specialist skills
  • Knowledge and understanding

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