Thursday, 16 February 2012

Some late night TLC for creatives!

Thought I'd share some words of encouragement, inspiration and motivation from Meg Mateo Ilasco's 'Craft' tonight, for all creative individuals who doubt their abilities, have 'wobbly' moments and procrastinate just like me.

Ilasco (2010) acknowledges common myths regarding creativity and enterprise within this fantastic book, which i am reading yet again!

  • You don't need a creative, artistic degree to start a successful creative enterprise. Ilasco (2010) refers to Tadao Ando, famous architect who practised and won the prestigious Pritzker Prize for architecture in 1995.
  • There is an age limit on setting up your own creative business. Age has many advantages. Ilasco (2010) assures that age brings greater life experiences, greater self awareness, confidence, increased knowledge and understanding of skills.
  • 'All the great ideas have already been done' (pp.13). 'A classic creative 'cop out'' (pp.13).Creativity can be stifled, restricted, diminished by pressure, particularly by the pressure each of us puts on ourselves to succeed, achieve! Ilasco (2010) emphasises that we need to remove this pressure we put ourselves and have Faith!
  • You have to wait for the right time. Are you wondering whether it is the right time? There will never be a perfect time! When is the right time to start-up, to make a change, a difference in your life? The answer, says Ilasco (2010) is RIGHT NOW! 

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