Tuesday, 6 March 2012

I can lead!

'Philippa, I'd like you to be team leader' Uh oh, suddenly i feel weighed down, like I've been asked to carry a tonne of bricks on my shoulders. I've always preferred to be an active team player than a leader and the word 'leader' (as my fellow student Julia has blogged) has always been for me a 'loathsome' image.

To me being a 'leader' has always clashed with my personality and i have never really felt i have what it takes to be an effective leader. However, the Understanding and Managing Creativity as part of my module has been giving me greater insight into what leadership means. I have blogged previously about leadership and also management but today Julia's blog and her post: 'About being a leader (and its loathsome image)' has really struck a chord!

Julia blogs about her recent experience of being a leader:

'i was being passionate. Really passionate. It was rather about achieving a really good project outcome, about making the most of this experience and learning opportunity than about getting my opinion through or being the leader. I had a clear vision and it made me enthusiastic.' (Buschmann, J. 2012)

Passion, vision and enthusiasm! These i do have! So therefore i can be a leader right? I also like her 'Top 5' , 5 'musts' of leadership which i believe i can fulfil, how about you? What do you think?

Go and check out Julia's blog and let her know!

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  1. Thanks so much for creating a buzz! This blog is also a great experience of what readers like. The "leader" story got the most hits and comments so far - also thanks to you probably. But possibly also because people like personal real life stories.

    I am now also following your blog! Very nice one!